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Introducing Jazzles Voconics

A modern, digitally delivered and visually rich, multimedia learning package for today's children!

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Download the free Jazzles Voconics Teacher's Guide 4.5 MB total

Download the Teacher's Guide (4.5 MB)

Proven 'astonishing' results for early reading!

When you see, laugh, move and sing, you remember everything!

'A strategy engaging every child in active learning' - Lesley Beth

Powerful literacy learning with A-Z song animations!

Singing to internalize vocabulary for reading success.

Understanding 417 words in connected text 75% of high frequency words

Intuitively learning to read. Print awareness and phonemic awareness.

Turning singing stars into reading stars with oral english confidence.

Confidently reading familiar text in Audio E Books! 26 New interactive BIG books!

26 sets of Themed lesson plans

  • All learning styles
  • 460 pages K / ESL
  • 260 pages preK and parents
  • Curriculum linked
  • 260 printables for Kindergarten
  • 180 printables for Pre K

Creative arts for developing non-cognitive & literacy skills

Dance / Drama / Percussion / Craft

Fun with multisensory craft! Tactile alphabet cards handwriting practice.

Intergrated technology creating new opportunities for literacy success!

For any computer, laptop, Interactive Whiteboard or Projector System.

Over 350 interactive literacy games, animations & audio books!

All themed and integrated.

Games for individual and social group learning.

Guaranteed fast internet delivery wherever you are.

The happiest way for children to succeed with confidence.

Two weeks free. Trial it now! Amazing results. No risk.

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